Applying Literature-Based Game Addiction Problems

  • Ananya SINHA CHOUDHURY (Speaker)

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The abundant availability of academic literature has led to fragmentation of knowledge. Often two concepts, which might be directly or indirectly related are not studied together or by common researchers. Thus, it is possible that the relationship between them are apparently missed. Literature based discovery is a text-mining technique of knowledge extraction that helps bridge this gap and tries to find new relationships between two existing bodies of knowledge. It has been mainly used in medical science, though recently it has found a wide variety of application in technology, business and engineering. Our research is focused on establishing LBD as a research technique in the field of social science. We plan to use LBD to find existing but hidden relationships between two seemingly distinct, but possibly related concepts related to social science.We target to achieve this by a) analysing the needs of social sciences and b) demonstrating the application of the LBD technique to address our specific research objectives. In our research, we have tried to apply LBD to address two problems related to online game addiction. Massively Multiplayer Online Games(MMO) are a specific type of online role playing games which acts as a moderator on the positive relationship between flow, the concept of enjoyment and happiness while playing online games, and addiction, the more negative impact of getting absorbed in playing online games. This has been proved by meta-analysis and statistical methods. In the first part of my thesis we try to apply LBD to prove this moderating effect of MMO games by searching the academic literature available for flow and addiction related to online games. The second part of my thesis demonstrates how LBD is applied to study online game addiction in children. Here, we search the related academic literature to determine the adverse effects of online game addiction in young adults and try to identify the factors which may be more effective than others in trying to control them.
Period23 Mar 2021
Event titlePostgraduate Seminar Series
Event typePublic Lecture