As Time Passes: A Comprehensive Exploration on the Impacts of Subjective Time Perception in the Organizational Setting

  • Qianqian XU (Speaker)

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Although numerous studies have emphasized the importance of subjective time perception, the extent to which individuals perceive the passage of time as being fast or slow, it’s still unclear how subjective time perception affects working employees in the organizational setting. In this dissertation, I try to clarify the impacts of employees’ subjective time perception in an organizational context. In study 1, I attempt to explore how subjective time perception affects employees’ task performance. Drawing on action control theory and research on procrastination, we posit that subjective time perception has an inverted U-shaped relationship with procrastination, which in turn is detrimental to employees’ task performance. In study 2, I will extend study 1 to provide a comprehensive understanding of the effect of subjective time perception in an organizational setting. I plan to explore the impacts of subjective time perception on employees’ various work outcomes including wellbeing, proactive performance, and unethical behaviors, as well as the various contingent factors shaping the proposed effects. At the current stage, I have conducted a field study with an experience sampling design to preliminarily test hypotheses of Study 1. The findings of 991 daily inputs from 226 couriers supported these theoretical hypotheses. This dissertation attempts to contribute to research on subjective time in organizational settings by providing explanations and boundary factors for the understudied relationship between subjective time perception and various employee outcomes.
Period19 Apr 2024
Event titlePostgraduate Seminar Series
Event typePublic Lecture