Challenges and opportunities for liberal arts universities in the ChatGPT Era : a case for Lingnan University

Activity: Talks or PresentationsKeynote Speech


The rapid development of generative AI and large language models in the past year has sparked a new wave of intellectual innovation. This is a great inspiration for everyone at Lingnan University, where we value research and creativity as part of our daily lives. We also recognize that knowledge is dynamic and evolving, not static and fixed.

Lingnan University is the only liberal arts university in Hong Kong, and it complements the massive higher education system in Mainland China that produces millions of graduates every year. In this talk, we will explore how the digital revolution affects higher education in terms of skills-based and holistic education. We will use Lingnan University as an example to show how liberal arts universities can face challenges and seize opportunities in the era of ChatGPT.
Period13 Dec 2023
Event titleChina and Higher Education Conference 2023: New spaces and places in education: Technology and innovation in Chinese Higher Education
Event typeConference
OrganisersUniversity of Manchester, Lingnan University, Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP)