Challenges and Opportunities for Youth Empowerment in East Asia

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East Asian countries are famous for their highly competitive and extremely rigorous education systems. Such pursuit for academic excellence has significantly contributed to the economic growth in Japan, China and South Korea and has made East Asian students continuously outstanding in many international rankings (e.g. PISA and TIMSS). Nevertheless, in recent years, there are rising criticisms toward some prominent features of such education patterns, such as the exam-oriented teaching approach and the high-pressure learning environment. Regarding the topic of youth, it is crucial to assess the controversial opinions about the East Asian education system which plays a vital role in shaping the future for the youth and will continuously have a profound impact on following generations.

This panel starts from a discussion about the worrying trend of teenage mental health conditions and the youth suicide rate in East Asian countries, largely attributed to by high exam pressure and increasing school violence. The relationship between income inequality and inequality in accessing education will be analysed with a particular focus on the rapid growth of the private education market. Further exploration of this topic will be made by assessing the feasibility of e-learning in helping to reduce the unequal distribution of educational resources. Furthermore, the panel will take a broader perspective by making a comparison between Western and Eastern education systems to find the needs for educational reforms in East Asia under changing economic, social and political contexts. This will also lead to a discussion about the potential initiatives that could be undertaken by governments and educational institutions to create an improved educational environment for the youth in East Asian countries.
Period28 Mar 2021
Event title2021 London School of Economics and Political Science Student Union East Asia Forum: Youth in East Asia: Pioneers of Change
Event typeForum
Degree of RecognitionRegional