Comparative Development and Policy in Asia Book Series (Journal)

  • MOK, K. H. (Series Editor)
  • Rachel Murphy (Series Editor)
  • Misa Izuhara (Series Editor)

Activity: Editorial / Peer-review Work Editorial (Book Series)


The primary aim of this series is to publish original, high quality, research level work, by both new and established scholars in the West and East, on all aspects of development and policy in Asia.

The scope of the series is broad, and aims to cover both comparative and single country studies, including work from a range of disciplines. With particular reference to how Asian states have coped with the growing challenges of globalising economies and the ways in which national governments in Asia have changed their public policy strategies and governance models in order to sustain further economic growth, the series will bring together development studies, and public policy and governance analysis, and will cover subjects such as: economic development; governance models; the factors underpinning the immense economic achievements of different countries; the social, political, cultural, and environmental implications of economic restructuring; public policy reforms; technological and educational innovation; international co-operation; and the fate and political impact of people who have been excluded from the growth. The series will include both empirical material and comparative analysis; and both single authored books and edited collections.
Period2010 → …
Type of journalBook series
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