Dagstuhl Seminar 16222 : Engineering Moral Agents - from Human Morality to Artificial Morality

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Human Ethics, Hybrid Agents, and Artifact Morality

Autonomous artificial agents don’t exist in a vacuum. They interact with human beings, and, together with humans, they compose “hybrid agents”. In turn, these hybrid agents operate inside the moral and legal frameworks of human societies. Such hybrid agents pose unique moral problems. Additionally, artifact morality is not itself an end, but a means to create machines that better interact with humans, for the benefit of humans. We give an overview of some moral issues with artificial morality in hybrid agents that are commonly overlooked. These are issues of autonomy and dignity of human beings, questions of human authority and control over the machine, problems specific to software implementations of ethics, and problems of the political and democratic control of autonomous agents and their ethics implementations. The talk closes with proposals that could help address some of these issues.
Period1 Jun 2016
Event typeSeminar
LocationSaarland, GermanyShow on map