Dagstuhl Seminar 19171 : Ethics and Trust: Principles, Verification and Validation

  • Kai SPIEKERMANN (Participant)
  • Jan M. BROERSEN (Participant)
  • Einar Duenger BØHN (Participant)
  • Kerstin I. EDER (Participant)
  • Christian LIST (Participant)
  • MATTHIAS, A. (Participant)
  • Marcus PIVATO (Participant)
  • Thomas Michael POWERS (Participant)
  • Teresa SCANTAMBURLO (Participant)
  • Marija SLAVKOVIK (Participant)
  • Leon VAN DER TORRE (Participant)

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Towards Artificial Moral Agency (Working group)

Starting questions: Can AI systems be genuine moral decision makers?

Observation: Some seminar participants think the answer is clearly ‘yes’, some think the answer is clearly ‘no’. Where does this disagreement come from?
PeriodApr 2019
Event typeSeminar
LocationSaarland, GermanyShow on map