Dagstuhl Seminar 19171 : Ethics and Trust: Principles, Verification and Validation

Kai SPIEKERMANN (Participant), Jan M. BROERSEN (Participant), Einar Duenger BØHN (Participant), Kerstin I. EDER (Participant), Christian LIST (Participant), MATTHIAS, A. (Participant), Marcus PIVATO (Participant), Thomas Michael POWERS (Participant), Teresa SCANTAMBURLO (Participant), Marija SLAVKOVIK (Participant), Leon VAN DER TORRE (Participant)

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Towards Artificial Moral Agency (Working group)

Starting questions: Can AI systems be genuine moral decision makers?

Observation: Some seminar participants think the answer is clearly ‘yes’, some think the answer is clearly ‘no’. Where does this disagreement come from?
PeriodApr 2019
Event typeSeminar
LocationSaarland, Germany