Dark AI : can we protect society from robot crimes?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere: in self-driving cars, smartphones, digital cameras, traffic lights, you name it. Banks, courts and hospitals also use it for loan analyses, sentencing, medical diagnosis and surgery. However, AI can also be misused for criminal purposes. Prof Andreas Matthias from the Department of Philosophy discusses the drawbacks of AI in the lecture “Dark AI: Can we protect society from robot crimes?”
人工智能(AI)無處不在,例如自動駕駛系統、電話、攝影機、交通燈等。AI在銀行可決定誰可借貸、在法院可建議刑期長短、在醫院更可診斷症狀和進行手術。不過,AI也會被利用作犯罪用途。嶺大哲學系助理教授 (教學) Andreas Matthias於「LingU講堂中」主講「黑暗人工智能:社會能防範機械人犯罪嗎?」,帶大家進入人工智能的黑暗一面。
Period24 Oct 2020
Event titleLingU Online Mini-Lecture Series = LingU 講堂
Event typePublic Lecture
OrganiserLingnan University
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