Documentary Film Screening of Pusu Qhuni - Seediq Bale (餘生—賽德克·巴萊)

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Pusu Qhuni – Seediq Bale is documentary filmmaker T’ang Hsiang-chu’s latest documentary. Keeping the same order and translating literally, the title means “base-tree – people who are true.” The documentary is a pilgrimage to the tree whence the Seediq originated and which is located a few dozen kilometres through the mountains from Wushe, or Musha in Japanese. It is also a quest for the traditional ideal of humanity, the seediq bale, which informs Wei Te-sheng’s feature film. Finally, it documents the experiences of the descendants of the survivors of the Musha Rebellion, including Mona Rudo’s daughter Mahung Mona, eight decades after the fact.
Period13 Jul 2018
Event titleContemporary Taiwan Indigenous Studies Series
Event typeSeminar
OrganiserSOAS University of London
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Degree of RecognitionInternational