Examining the intentions to seek the postgraduate educations (professional degree) among university students in China : the moderating role of social network (Guanxi)

  • Ao LIANG (Speaker)

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In spite of the fact that the number of students enrolled in professional degree programmes has increased over the past several years, there are some underlying concerns beneath the seeming success. This study focuses on how to successfully increase students' intent to pursue professional postgraduate education. Considering students as consumers and institutions/universities as higher education service providers, the present study explores the fundamental means of promoting students' intentions. The roles of students' perceived sacrifice, perceived quality of service, and perceived value on the student’s intention to seek postgraduate education (professional degree) were examined by Structural Equation Modelling, and the moderating roles of the Chinese social network (Guanxi) were examined by Hierarchical Linear Regression. Based on the valid 459 samples in Guangzhou, the empirical results supported the availability of the structural model in explaining the student’s intention to seek postgraduate education (professional degree) and the moderating role of the Chinese social network (Guanxi) on the student’s intention. Based on these findings, the current study proved the validity of statements regarding students as consumers and broadened the application area of the consumer behaviour viewpoint in understanding students' intents in the field of higher education (professional postgraduate degree). In light of these results, we suggested that the Chinese government adopt additional policy instruments, such as information-based instruments, organization-based instruments, and treasury-based instruments, to improve the perceived value of the professional postgraduate degree in society and encourage more students to pursue such degrees.
Period2 Jun 2022
Event titlePolicy and Comparative Development Studies Seminar Series
Event typeSeminar
OrganisersInstitute of Policy Studies, School of Graduate Studies