Examining the university support measures and international students' psychological well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Zeyu KANG (Speaker)

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China attracts many university students from different countries of the world. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic came as a critical shock and stress to most of them. The responsibility of China is to release the tension of the international students to let them successfully go through the pandemic and continue their studies in China. While under lockdown and self-quarantine, international students suffer from double-scale anxiety and loneliness than even Chinese students. Foreigners are often deprived of the opportunity of going back home since the seal off national borders. The topic of psychological well-being of the international students in China during the COVID-19 pandemic remains poorly studied and covered by the scholarly literature.

This study aims to research the topic of the students' psychological well-being from their perspectives. The perception of the students' psychological well-being must be at least relatively the same between the students and universities because otherwise, the students will be dissatisfied with the universities' support. First of all, the Chinese universities must identify and list all the possible challenges of the international students during the lockdown. The analysis of the challenges of the international students during the lockdown must be backed by the literature review on similar issues in the past. Further, the study will rely on the qualitative research design such as the individual interview of the international student mentor in one Chinese universities and document analysis. On the other hand, this study will also contain 3 cases of the international students. It will take one semester to collect these 3 international students at Chinese university. They will eventually help to identify the possible advantages and disadvantages of the universities' measures to supporting the students' psychological well-being. The final purpose of this study is to provide the universities with the students' feedback on the possible improvements in the universities' support of their psychological well-being.
Period16 Jun 2022
Event titlePolicy and Comparative Development Studies Seminar Series
Event typeSeminar
OrganisersInstitute of Policy Studies, School of Graduate Studies