Exploring the Impact of Life Instability on Consumer Behavior

  • Lican WEI (Speaker)

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Life means incessant change, but individuals’ perceptions of these changes vary from person to person. Some individuals may feel that they live a relatively stable life, while others may be sensitive to the ups and downs. It is common to see individuals sighing about the changes in their lives or feeling grateful for the stability they have. However, little is known about how such common subjective feelings affect consumers’ behavior. This research aims to investigate how the ubiquitous feeling of life (in)stability affects consumers’ decision-making, especially their preference for hedonic versus utilitarian consumption. Through seven proposed studies, I plan to demonstrate that consumers’ perceptions of life instability will increase their preference for hedonic products. This effect occurs as consumers perceiving a high level of life instability tend to be more present-focused and make decisions based on more immediate desires. Additionally, I will propose four moderators to further examine the underlying mechanism. This research contributes to understanding the impact of subjective feelings on consumption decisions and extends existing research on hedonic consumption. Moreover, it offers insights for marketers on promoting hedonic products over utilitarian ones.
Period25 Apr 2024
Event titlePostgraduate Seminar Series
Event typePublic Lecture