Facial and Vocal Displays of Emotion in Marketing Videos

  • Qiaofei WANG (Speaker)

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Video content has gained immense significance in internet traffic. According to a Statista report in 2023, online video platforms have reached a significant number of internet users worldwide, with a penetration rate of around 92%. As videos appeal to both the visual and acoustic senses, they tend to convey complex messages and evoke emotional responses more effectively than other forms of content. Research has underscored the pivotal role of presenters in video marketing, showing that videos featuring presenters who exhibit relatability and trustworthiness can bolster viewer engagement. There is still no agreement among researchers and practitioners on which approach is more effective during a presentation: maintaining consistent emotional displays or exhibiting vivid emotional displays. To capture the dynamics of emotional displays from videos, two measures are introduced in the proposed study, namely intensity (changes in valence and arousal) and volatility (the standard deviation of the difference in intensity between adjoining chunks). Drawing on emotional labor theory, this research aims to examine the effect of presenter’s emotional displays, with a particular focus on facial expressions and vocal expressions, on consumers’ perceived appropriateness and authenticity of the videos, in turn affect the consumer engagement such as likes, tippings, and purchase behavior. I will analyze two large datasets including YouTube live streaming videos and Udemy prerecorded course promotion videos, conduct controlled experiments, and explore the theoretical and methodological implications.
Period25 Apr 2024
Event titlePostgraduate Seminar Series
Event typePublic Lecture