Implications of Generative AI on the Translation Industry: Challenges and New Horizons

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While the influence of AI technology on the translation industry has been a topic of discussion for some time, it is the recent introduction of ChatGPT that has sparked speculation about its potential impact on the profession. This paper, written by a professional translator with over two decades of industry experience and expertise in CAT applications and MT systems, aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the implications of generative AI on translators.

The paper focuses on the challenges that arise with the use of generative AI, such as the threat of job displacement, quality control issues, ethical concerns, and the need for upskilling and retraining. To address these challenges, the paper discusses new career paths for translators, such as language data annotation and curation, post-editing of machine translation output, consultancy and training services, project management, transcreation, and domain-specific knowledge.

The paper emphasizes the importance of developing skills that complement AI technology and encourages translators to be proactive in adapting to the changes. By doing so, translators can take advantage of new opportunities and remain competitive in the industry.
Period18 Jun 2023
Event titleTranslating the Humanities and Technologizing Translation: Translation Master Lectures cum International Conference on Translation, Culture and Technology
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  • ChatGPT
  • coaching
  • generative AI
  • language specilists
  • project management
  • transcreation
  • translators
  • upskilling