Loneliness, Solitude, and Social Well-Being at Work

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The Increasing work digitisation (exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic)has left many individuals feeling disconnected from others. Given the pervasive impact of disconnectedness for employees (e.g., poor health) and organizations (e.g., reduced productivity), it is critical to investigate this topic in more depth. In this meet-and-greet presentation. I will first critically reflect on current research issues on social well-being at work. Then, I will share two pieces of my research, which capture both the dark and bright sides of social well-being at work: first. I will show how power affects loneliness, defined as the unpleasant feeling of social disconnectedness. at work in mid-level management contexts: second, I will show how the expression of solitude, defined as the experience of enjoying being alone, would lead to positive and negative employee outcomes in remote work contexts.
Period25 Sept 2023
Event titlePSY Departmental Seminar Series
Event typePublic Lecture
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