Myanmar's Upcoming Election

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The Myanmar military took a coup in February 2021 and arrested all political leaders, including the President of Myanmar. The military claimed that fraud had taken place in the election, however, the military-appointed independent observer could not provide any evidence in support of such claims. After two years of the coup, the military plans to hold elections in August 2023 in order to deceive the world that the country is stable and normal. A primary objective of the military's electoral campaign is not to promote the social welfare of the people, but rather to maintain their dictatorship and gain international recognition. The nation of Myanmar does not need further elections, but it needs the restoration of democracy and fundamental human rights urgently.

I discussed how and why the Myanmar military's upcoming election in August 2023 is invalid and illegal for the people of Myanmar.
Period7 Jan 2023
Held atSEA Today News
Degree of RecognitionInternational