• Dayang YRAOLA (Curator)

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Namamahay//Home(ing) is a flash curatorial residency with BAP's inaugural curator in resident, Dayang Yraola. Eight artists from Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and Philippines are invited to hold residence in Las Casas de Acuzar de Filipinas in Bagac, Bataan from July 24 to August 4, 2018. Within these 12 days, each artist will build a project, which may either be an activity (workshop, open studio, performance) or object/ installation created site-specific to Las Casas, particularly in collaboration with the Las Casas workshops. In the duration of the residency, studios/work sites are open to the public. The last day will culminate into a collective performance and public presentation day. Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4.

“Namamahay is a common concept among the Tagalogs. From the root-word, bahay, or home and the prefix nama- which signifies unreal feeling. Namamahay is usually associated with feeling of unease or even discomfort in doing domestic/personal activities, like not being able to sleep well.

Namamahay could also simply mean a process of trying to adjust to a transient space or a new home. Viewing it from a positive perspective, it signals that one is in a new situation, a new beginning, where new possibilities may arise. It is in this sense that I would like to take Namamahay; and I am coining a compound word—home(ing), to serve as its English translation.

In line with my previous curatorial work, Project Glocal and Composite Series, I continue to explore different conditions and situations in which artists can produce work. I continue to propose that the limitation of art production lies not on what the artists do not have, but their ability to manage or recognise their agencies.”
Period24 Jul 20184 Aug 2018
Event typeOther
LocationBataan, PhilippinesShow on map