Prevalence and Trends of Image-Based Sexual Violence in Asia

  • Annie CHAN (Speaker)
  • Shailey HINGORANI (Speaker)
  • Kai-Chiang CHANG (Speaker)
  • Yeojin KIM (Speaker)

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Image-Based Sexual Violence (IBSV) behaviours include a wide range of technology-based abusive behaviours, from the familiar examples of non-consensual taking and distribution of intimate image, 'sextortion' to the newly emerged 'deep fake pornography'. While intimate images being spread widely in cyber world, victim-survivors also experience humiliation, bullying and doxing from netizens. Their social media profiles and personal information are disclosed without their consent, resulting in offline harassment and even physical threats. It is undeniable that IBSV is on a continuum with other forms of sexual abuse. NGOs around the globe are taking different initiatives to support the victim-survivors; many major online platforms are also making their efforts to formulate policies and user guides in response to IBSV and digital violence.
Period19 May 2022
Event titleInternational Webinar on Image Based Sexual Violence 2022
Event typeSeminar
Degree of RecognitionInternational