Spark Talk I : Role of Science in Global Citizenship

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Global citizenship calls for awareness of our rights and civic responsibilities in face of acute challenges such as climate change, food security, and ecological balance. A good part of our hope for tackling these challenges lies in the creation of knowledge and understanding through science. Today, many believe that climate change is real and anthropogenic. Is such a view scientifically grounded? For decades, concerns for food security have driven research on genetic modifications and new farming methods. Are these methods sustainable? Mass bleaching of coral reefs has been seen as an ecological warning that must be heeded. Is our ecological balance irrevocably upset? The enquiry may boil down to this: How do global warming, food security, and ecological balance impact on each other? Between productivity and sustainability, where do we stand?
Period4 Dec 2018
Event titleGeneral Education in Global Citizenship: Positioning and Engagement
Event typeConference
OrganiserChinese University of Hong Kong
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