Spatialization of Hong Kong women’s life stories of domesticity and disjunctive modern Hong Kong womanhood

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This presentation spatializes women's domestic practices through an analysis of 43 older Hong Kong women's life experiences on domesticity Informed by feminist geographers' conceptions of "lived" space and intersectionality, we discovered that Hong Kong women have creatively used temporal-spatial methods to multiply and contract domestic space since childhood. Domestic space evolves during the course of a person's life and interacts with other spaces, including workplace, entertainment venues, and public spaces, where different subjectivities can be found.

More specifically, we contend that these women have developed self-reliant and independent "modern" womanhood as well as other gendered subjectivities like obedient daughters and exhausting working mothers. These subjectivities complement, negotiate, and contradict one another to form what we call "disjunctive modern Hong Kong womanhood" (cf. Leung and Yue, 2017 and Tang, 2021).
Period3 Oct 2022
Degree of RecognitionInstitutional