Stereotyping older informal workers : a systematic review and future research agenda

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The informal sector has become a critical avenue for older persons and people approaching older ages to engage in productive ventures. Unfortunately, it is widely documented that older persons’ labour market participation is often met with negative stereotypes which are exacerbated by systematic institutional weakness that are unable to protect against such stereotypes. Despite numerous studies on old age stereotypes, few studies have examined older informal workers. As societies strive to promote active ageing, it is crucial to understand current dynamics to provide conducive environments for older persons aiming to remain economically active through the informal sector. This is particularly important in low-and middle-income countries where population ageing is currently fastest. This paper presents the state of current knowledge on issues surrounding work-related age stereotypes in informal sector and their effects on health and well-being globally and especially in sub-Saharan Africa. The paper ends with critical reflections on current state of knowledge and re-conceptualization towards a rethink of research, interventions and policies aimed at addressing issues of age-stereotypes in informal work settings.
Period24 Feb 2022
Event titlePolicy and Comparative Development Studies Seminar Series
Event typeSeminar
OrganisersInstitute of Policy Studies, School of Graduate Studies