Subdivided Flats as Vertical Slums in Hong Kong

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Informal settlement is not an urban challenge unique to the developing countries. In many newly industrialised or even post-industrial cities, informal settlements also exist but in different forms. Hong Kong is of no exception. Even though a massive-scale public rental housing programme has been administered in the city since the post-war era, informal housing has never been eliminated. It emerged as squatter huts in early days. When residential developments were getting taller and taller in the territory, informal housing started proliferating in form of vertical slums such as caged homes, cubicle units and rooftop houses. Subdivided flats represent the most contemporary version of such informal accommodations in today’s Hong Kong. In this seminar, the subdivided flat problem in the city will be overviewed. Causes and drivers of the problem will then be examined. What comes last is the discussion of the possible ways-out to the vertical slum problem in Hong Kong.
Period7 Feb 2022
Event titleChina and Regional Studies Webinar Series
Event typeSeminar
OrganisersInstitute of Policy Studies, Ahmedabad University