Terms of Art : Design, Description, and Discovery in Cataloging

  • Janet FONG (Speaker)
  • Harald KRAEMER (Organiser)
  • Shuo Sue HUA (Speaker)
  • Ying LIU (Organiser)
  • ZHU, Y. (Speaker)

Activity: Involvement in Scholarly EventsConduct Training / Workshop


Designing and Curating East Asia Art in the Digital Age : Workshop

What activities, ideas, and histories give meaning to and create space for promoting equitable access to digitalized collections, exhibitions, and the information systems at GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) that distribute cultural heritage in the context of an increasingly interconnected East Asia? How do our disciplinary and curatorial orientations affect how collections and catalogs are described, decoded, translated, and interpreted when subject-matter specialists and user-centered design technologists work together to create exhibitions and databases?

In this workshop, the presenters will identify and present three concerns confronting digital-data-inflected curatorship in East Asia: diversity (both in terms of content and audience), translation, and sustainability. Digital-equipped exhibitions use new media, interactive, and multi-touch techniques to engage visitors with virtual reality in a playful manner and allow them to post comments and personalize viewing. It raises questions and potential challenges for curators, educators, and information technology specialists: how to construct a metric for audience participation that incorporates diverse age, gender, and language groups productively? Digital academic collection catalogs necessitate robust and fruitful collaborations among curators, scholars, translators, editors, and computer scientists since the objects involve cultural signifiers embedded in a plethora of languages and dialects (i.e., Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, and Hokkien). They will also discuss sustainability from the perspective of indexing the collections and archives, as well as the cost, visibility, and reproducibility of the project over its whole life cycle.

The workshop presenters are multi-generational academics and curators with experience in working with collections and exhibitions of East Asian art internationally. They will highlight the challenges, benefits, and opportunities that digital and data-influenced methods offer in curation, research, teaching, and publications and outline possible strategies, ideal vehicles, and/or solutions to address these opportunities in a dynamic and effective manner.
Period24 Feb 2023
Event typeSymposium