The Evolution of Virtual Reality in K-pop AI Idols

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This research examines the Artificial Intelligence (Al) generated idols and metaverse idols in K-pop. The virtual realm of K-pop has rapidly evolved using Al and information and communication technologies. By introducing the Al idols in four K-pop groups, this presentation will explore the evolution of the virtual reality spectrum in K-pop, from augmented reality, mixed reality, to virtual reality By using Al technology, K-pop World View bridges the real and the virtual. In the interaction between the real, and the virtual, the Al generated K-pop idols themselves appear on K-pop genre conventions such as practice videos, YouTube shorts, Tick Tok dance challenges, TV live show, and behind scenes documentaries. By exploring the permeation of virtual technology in K-pop, this presentation discovers the new topology of Hallyu from transnational approach to transhumanist approach.
Period5 Apr 2024
Event titleArts Faculty Research Seminar Series
Event typeSeminar