The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Artistic Products: Creativity, Paradox, and Audience Perception

  • Mengyue ZHANG (Speaker)

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The dawn of the artificial intelligence (AI) era has heralded significant transformations across various sectors, profoundly influencing the domain of artistic creation. This talk examines the multifaceted impact of AI on art, exploring its implications for education, creation, markets, industries, and systems within the artistic field. AI's increasing intervention in art—ranging from painting, composition, and poetry—challenges traditional boundaries and redefines artistic expression. This transition provokes public anxiety and prompts critical questions regarding the future coexistence of AI and human artists, the restructuring of artistic ecosystems, and the appropriate utilization of AI in creative processes.

Topic in the backdrop of 2023, marked as the inaugural year of AI, this discussion will scrutinize seminal case studies. These include controversies surrounding AI-generated artworks mistaken for human creations, legal disputes over AI-generated images infringing upon copyrights, and reflections from Geoffrey Hinton, the pioneer in neural networks, on whether digital intelligence might supersede biological intelligence. Further, the outcry from over 200 musicians against the predatory use of AI highlights the tension between technological advancement and artistic integrity.

This topic addresses the urgent need for a comprehensive examination of AI's integration into the arts. It will offer insights into the current state of AI-art convergence research, the influence of AI on artistic products and their market trajectory, and the push towards innovative ecosystems at the intersection of art, technology, and commerce. It proposes a balanced and pragmatic approach, emphasizing strategic planning, organizational structure, operational mechanisms, talent support, and policy safeguards to harmonize AI's integration into the artistic landscape.

In navigating these uncharted waters, we aim to construct a forward-looking framework that encourages a symbiotic relationship between AI and art, fostering an environment where creativity and technology coalesce to redefine the boundaries of artistic possibility.
Period25 Apr 2024
Event titlePostgraduate Seminar Series
Event typePublic Lecture