The Post-COVID-19 World: Autocracies, Democracies, and the New World Order

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This talk will discuss two interrelated questions which are currently the subject of extensive debate among Political Scientists. First, the relative merits of democratic, illiberal and authoritarian rule – specifically, which system has more effectively responded to COVID-19, and more broadly, which political system is better equipped to address deadly threats to collective human security such as the coronavirus pandemic? Second, what does the future hold for the post-war liberal international economic and political order in the emerging post-COVID world? The order’s key architect and defender is the world’s most powerful liberal democracy, the United States. The central challenger is the world’s most powerful autocracy, the People’s Republic of China – which not only sees liberal ideals as an existential threat to its legitimacy, but also claims that “China model” represents a viable alternative to the west.

Drawing on the available evidence, including specific reference to the United States, China and other countries, the research critically assesses the ongoing debates and present his own views on these issues as well as the implications it carries for the emerging World Order. Suggestions for potential future research will be offered.
Period1 Apr 2022
Event titlePostgraduate Conference on Interdisciplinary Learning : Rethinking Postgraduate Studies in Post-Pandemic Societies
Event typeConference
OrganiserSchool of Graduate Studies
LocationHong KongShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational