Third waves COVID-19 Crisis in Chin State and Kalay District, Myanmar

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Myanmar's public health system has been deprived and became more deteriorated as the consequences of and the coup d'etat on 1 February 2021 during the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the military raid on health facilities and health workers, the COVID-19 immunization program, has been stoped. Further, the Myanmar military onslaught on civilians, thousands of inhabitants from Chin State and the Kalay regions were displaced across the India border in search of refuge. However, the Indian government rejected offer protection to those who had been displaced and deported them back over the border. Meanwhile, the entire country of India is grappling with an outbreak of COVID-19 and a novel delta variant infection. As displaced individuals return from the Indian border to their respective homes, the number of COVID-19 infections and casualties in Chin State and the Kalay region escalates. According to raw information collected in June and early July, the percentage of COVID-19 transmission is far too high, ranging from almost 20% to 53%. Moreover, as the public hospital collapsed, there were only a few private hospitals that could not accommodate all of the patients. Only the privileged can seek treatment at a private hospital. The township hospital is overcrowded and ill-equipped to deal with the outbreak, and there is a lack of oxygen, volunteers, donations, and medications. The community is taking care of itself. Over  400 COVID-19 patients have died due to the absence of oxygen supplies and access to medical treatment with one month. As a result, in this webinar, I highlighted the importance of human behaviours in avoiding traditional burial ceremonies, which are one of the reasons that contribute to the spread of this disease, and in shutting down the entire city to minimize the infection rate. Additionally, I indicate the importance of international communities assisting immediately in halting the COVID-19 crisis in order to save the region from becoming the COVID-19 epicentre. A full presentation is available in the Burmese language
Period9 Jul 2021
Event titleWebinar on COVID-19 situation in Myanmar : prediction of the worst case scenario
Event typeSeminar
OrganiserMinistry of Health, National Unity Government of Myanmar
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