Truth or Dare: The Effects of Reviews with Videos and Disclosure of Incentives

  • Shiyu LIU (Speaker)

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Essay One: Reviews with Videos:the Effect of Social Presence

As trust and reputation are critical for e-commerce, product reviews help consumers make informed decisions. The mainstream studies of product reviews focus on text, sentiment and images. The recent emerge of reviews with videos provide consumers with additional information about the products via displays of products, comments and evaluations. However, whether reviews with videos are more helpful to consumers is an intriguing question. Videos are multimodal including moving images, text and sound/speech, which affect information processing. Drawing on the literature of multimodal analysis and the psychological distance theory, this research examines the effect of reviews with videos, especially the social presence of speech, faces, and body gestures, on consumers’ perceived helpfulness and trustworthiness of the reviews. We will analyze annotated data of reviews with videos from Amazon, conduct a controlled experiment, and explore the theoretical and practical implications.

Essay Two: A Multi-modal Analysis of Sponsorship Disclosures in Video Reviews

The widespread of sponsored content in social media are blurring the boundaries between paid advertising and authentic WOM of consumers. Existing studies of disclosure for sponsored content focus on disclosure by text in written content. Videos, however, are multi-modal including text, speech and moving images, and disclosures may appear on the landing page of a video or inside the video, in any of the above modes. Drawing from the literature on disclosure and the PKM, this research examines the effect of sponsorship disclosure in marketing videos on consumer perceptions and ad performance by visual vs. audio disclosure. We will analyze the videos using a controlled experiment and an annotated dataset and explore the theoretical and practical implications.
Period26 Apr 2023
Event titlePostgraduate Seminar Series
Event typePublic Lecture