What if we waited even a little longer? The dependent variable problem within the comparative analysis of the welfare state revisited

Activity: Talks or PresentationsPublic Lecture


Widely used expenditure-based measures of welfare state generosity produce inconsistent findings and are hampered by conceptual limitations, missing values and imprecise operational definitions (Kuhner, 2007; 2015). This presentation is inspired by Busemeyer’s (2009) research as he suggested that globalization processes need a little longer to show their actual impact on the welfare state. So, ‘What if we even waited a little longer’? Would inconsistencies between expenditure and social rights-based summary indicators persist? Does disaggregated analysis of single policy areas still present a preferable alternative to the use of summary measures? What are the implications for the present and future analysis of comparative social policy in Greater China and East Asia?
Period17 Nov 2021
Held atSun Yat-Sen University, China