Community Health Information System (CHIS) 「社區健康 資訊系統」



In view of the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (aka “Wuhan pneumonia”, HKPOP kick-started “Community Democracy Project: Community Health Module” by PopPanel survey study and community-based analysis, in order to understand the public’s views on the epidemic and the Government’s relevant polices. Community Health Information System (CHIS) has been created since early Feb to share and visualize the community anti-epidemic commodities reserve (by district).

因應香港爆發新型冠狀病毒肺炎 (俗稱「武漢肺炎」) ,香港民研隨即開展「民主社區互助共融計劃:社區健康單元」,簡稱「社區健康計劃」,透過「香港民研社區群組」調查研究,以屋邨和屋苑等小社區為分析單位,了解市民對疫情及政府相關措施的意見。 自 2 月初開始推出「社區健康 資訊系統」,分析各區市民擁有口罩及其他抗疫物資的情況。

Period28 Jan 2020 → 6 Mar 2020

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Media contributions