Student theses

A study of the Green Paradox in dynamic digopolies : theories and merger control policy

Author: OSPANOVA, A., 29 Aug 2019

Supervisor: LIN, P. (Supervisor) & WONG, C. L. A. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

A study on fiscal policy and economic growth from an institutional perspective

Author: HỒ, T. Á., 30 Nov 2018

Supervisor: LIN, P. (Supervisor) & RAN, J. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Central bank bilateral currency swap and trade flows : an implication for Renminbi internationalisation

Author: MOHAMMED, A. A., 12 Sep 2019

Supervisor: CROZET, M. D. (Supervisor) & WHITTEN, G. W. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Effects of polygyny on child health and determinants of birth registration : the case of Nigerian children

Author: ANADUAKA, U. S., 15 Jul 2019

Supervisor: LIN, P. (Supervisor) & WONG, H. L. A. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Essays on market competition and law enforcement

Author: WANG, Y., 16 Aug 2018

Supervisor: LIN, P. (Supervisor) & VOON, J. P. T. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Evaluation of an anaesthesia automated record keeping system : a human factors approach

Author: TSE, M. K., 14 Aug 2018

Supervisor: LI, Y. W. S. (Supervisor) & CHEUNG, Y. L. F. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

Pathways toward adolscents's wellbeing in Ghana : the role of socioeconomic status and social capital

Author: ADDAE, E. A., 11 Sep 2019

Supervisor: KÜHNER, S. (Supervisor) & DAVID, R. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

Social capital, health literacy, and access to healthcare : a study among rural and urban populations in Ghana

Author: AMOAH, P. A., 1 Sep 2017

Supervisor: PHILLIPS, D. R. (Supervisor) & DAVID, R. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Social media and political participation : a case study of facebook as a plaftorm of communication, mobilization and action

Author: CHEUNG, C. H., 10 Sep 2019

Supervisor: CHEN, H. F. (Supervisor) & CHAN, H. N. A. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

The dynamics of online shaming : a sociological study of Hong Kong's virtual world

Author: YIP, Y. F., 8 Jul 2019

Supervisor: BAEHR, W. P. (Supervisor) & CHEN, H. F. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)

The influence of job insecurity on performance outcomes among Chinese, German and U.S. employees : evidence from self-reported and observational studies

Author: ROLL, L. C., 7 Aug 2015

Supervisor: SIU, O. L. (Supervisor) & LI, Y. W. S. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Three essays on economic development and human capital formation in India

Author: NNETU-OKOLIEUWA, V. I., 3 Jul 2019

Supervisor: WEI, X. (Supervisor) & WONG, H. L. A. (Supervisor)

Student thesis: PhD Thesis (Lingnan)

Trust building in international relations : a case study of U.S.-North Korea relations in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administations

Author: SUN, L., 24 Jan 2019

Supervisor: CHUNG, C. (Supervisor) & ZHANG, B. (Co-supervisor)

Student thesis: MPhil Thesis (Lingnan)