Best Annual Paper of the Elsevier journal eTransportation

  • LAI, Xin (Recipient), CHEN, Quanwei (Recipient), TANG, Xiaopeng (Recipient), ZHOU, Yuanqiang (Recipient), GAO, Furong (Recipient), GUO, Yue (Recipient), BHAGAT, Rohit (Recipient) & ZHENG, Yuejiu (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (CDCF)


For "Critical review of life cycle assessment of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles: A lifespan perspective" by Lai, Xin; Chen, Quanwei; Tang, Xiaopeng; Zhou, Yuanqiang; Gao, Furong; Guo, Yue; Bhagat, Rohit; Zheng, Yuejiu
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsElsevier