(Non-LU) Multimodal Approaches to Testing and Prediction in Early Academic Achievement: Chinese, English, and Mathematics

  • MAURER, Urs (PI)
  • CHIU, Thoms Kin fung (CoPI)
  • CHOW, Bonnie Wing Yin (CoPI)
  • CHOY, Richard Kwong Wai (CoPI)
  • CHUNG, KEVIN Kien Hoa (CoPI)
  • INOUE, Tomohiro (CoPI)
  • LUI, Fai Hong (CoPI)
  • MCBRIDE, Catherine (CoPI)
  • PARACCHINI, Silvia (CoPI)
  • SO, Hon Cheong (CoPI)
  • WONG, Gary Yu Ka (CoPI)
  • WONG, Simpson Wai Lao (CoPI)

Project Details

Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/26

Funding Scheme

  • Theme-Based Research Scheme

Non-LU Project Awarded Amount (for reference only)

  • HKD
  • 37,570,000