Trends and Implications of Poverty and Social Disadvantages in Hong Kong: A Multi-disciplinary and Longitudinal Study (LU Part)

  • WONG, Hung (PI)
  • BRADSHAW, Jonathan (CoI)
  • CHEN, Ji-kang (CoI)
  • CHUNG, Yat Nork Roger (CoI)
  • GORDON, David (CoI)
  • GRIFFITHS, Sian Meryl (CoI)
  • HUANG, Bo (CoI)
  • LAU, Chun Hong Johnson (CoI)
  • LAU, Ka Wai Maggie (CoI)
  • LEE, Wai Ying Joana (CoI)
  • MOK, Ka Ho Joshua (CoI)
  • PANTAZIS, Christina (CoI)
  • SAUNDERS, Peter (CoI)
  • WONG, Martin (CoI)
  • WONG, Samuel Yeung-shan (CoI)


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