Book review : The Pakistan-US conundrum : jihadists, the military, and the people: the struggle for control

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Given Pakistan’s central role as a “front-line state” in the fight against global terrorism, its growing stockpile of nuclear weapons, and its existential rivalry with India, the US has a major stake in Pakistan’s stability. The decades-long relationship with Pakistan has hardly fostered stability or promoted trust between the US and Pakistan. The fact that bin Laden was found to be living next to a Pakistani military cantonment only served to further deepen the mistrust, with many in Washington calling for a complete overhaul of US policy towards Pakistan. Samad’s useful contribution provides a balanced discussion of this tumultuous relationship and its possible future directions. Samad (Univ. of Bradford, UK) clearly explores America’s encounter with Pakistan, including numerous instances of Washington’s policy blunders and counterproductive actions when dealing with both the generals and the civilian leadership in Rawalpindi. In addition, the book provides a nuanced discussion of the rise of militancy and jihadi Islam (including why it has proven so difficult to contain), the country’s socioeconomic mosaic and deepening economic problems, and how best to promote democracy and meaningful development in this fractured and troubled country. Students as well as experts will benefit from this book.
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JournalChoice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries
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Publication statusPublished - Aug 2012
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