China’s Foreign Policy : The Emergence of a Great Power

Andrea BENVENUTI, Chien-peng CHUNG, Nicholas KHOO, Andrew T. H. TAN

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This volume explains China’s foreign policy from the perspective of its historical recovery after 1949 and the country’s subsequent rise as a great power, including its transformation into a global power. It also illuminates how China has, in tandem with its rise, developed an increasing array of political, economic, ‘sharp power’ and military capabilities that is helping it to further its increasingly expansive foreign policy objectives. The volume examines two key questions: What have been the implications of China’s rise for its foreign policy? And how has an increasingly powerful and confident China used a range of foreign policy instruments to pursue its expanding national interests in Asia and beyond?

The volume is divided into three parts, covering the conceptualization and drivers of China’s foreign policy, China’s relations with the world, and the instruments of China’s foreign policy, namely, its economic power, military capabilities and its ‘sharp power’ manipulation of information and relationships. It will be of interest to academics, students and researchers interested in understanding China’s role in world politics.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherTaylor and Francis Ltd.
Number of pages210
ISBN (Electronic)9781000581522, 9781003088288
ISBN (Print)9780367542375
Publication statusPublished - 2022

Bibliographical note

Acknowledgement is made by Chien-peng Chung to funding provided by Lingnan University (Hong Kong) for research on his part of the work on China's Belt-and-Road Initiative and Sharp Power.


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