China's Quest for Sporting Mega-Events: The Politics of International Bids

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This book vividly elucidates the inseparable nature between politics and sport in China.

The holding of sporting mega-events is viewed by the Chinese authorities as a prominent way to push forward the Reform and Opening up, arouse the patriotism among the public, and display national resurgence in the world. Chinese cities thus have keenly quested for the Olympics, the Asian Games and the World University Games since the 1980s. Theoretically, the President, the Premier and the central government should provide all-out support, so boosting the Chinese cities’ odds of success. The reality yet shows that their attitude towards the bids vary from case to case. Through reviewing the 20 bidding cases, this book aims to demystify the reasons behind.

The findings provide an in-depth account of (1) how domestic and international political factors determine the state leaders’ blessing and silence as well as the central government’s backing, indifference and opposition, and (2) how the bids for the sporting mega-events are used to serve the broader political goals of the Chinese authorities at home and abroad. Additionally, they shed light on the political strategies to boost the Chinese cities’ chance of success, and the political reasons for their win, loss and discontinuation, in the bidding contests.

The book will be a valuable resource for researches interested in the domestic politics and international relations of China.
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Publication statusPublished - 2021

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NameRoutledge Contemporary China Series

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I am grateful to Brian Bridges, Annie Chan, Chan Che-po, Gerald Chan, Chen Hon-fai, Francis Cheung, Ted Fund, Lawrence Ho, Joanne Lai, Alan Lee, Peter Leung, Li Pang-kwong, Simon Li, Vic Li, Liu Junli, Lao Liu, Lu Zhouxiang, Zita Lui, Vivian Lun, Ma Yuhuai, Eric Man, Mai Sasahara, Shelendra Sharma, Eric Wong, Jack Wong, Natalie Wong, Wong Yiu-chung, Max Wu, Xiang Xi, Xu Xiaohong, Eilo Yu and Raymond Yuen for their advice, encouragement and help. I am equally indebted to Simon Bates and Tan ShengBin in Routledge Contemporary China Series for their professional suggestions about my proposal and manuscript, as well as Louisa Lubke Cuss for her careful proofreading and editing service. My special thanks go to Lingnan University direct grant (no. DR19B6). which supported the research of Chapter 4. Lastly, I would like to express a deep sense of gratitude to my parents. This book could not have been completed without their care and love.


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