Comparative Study of UIC and UNNC in China : Motivations Quality Assurance, and Impacts on CrossBorder Higher Education

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Background: Given that higher education cooperation in China was encouraged by their governments at all levels, the top universities from British, America, and even Hong Kong have successively established branch campuses in mainland China. International branch campuses (IBCs) have emerged as a distinctive aspect of the internationalization strategies of governments and higher education institutions. There is a presumption that the collaborative practices and modes of IBCs by China and western countries are distinct from those of Guangdong and Hong Kong. HK's branch campuses, such as Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, would be implemented to strengthen regionalization and establish several world-class universities in Great Bay Area (GBA). In comparison, introducing IBCs from western counties, like the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, aims to learn from the achievements of world civilization for China's education, break the unified school-running pattern in the planned economy era, and enable Chinese students to study abroad "at home." It is curious whether there are some interesting phenomena in the operation of international branch campuses under two completely different motivations. However, existing research tends to concentrate more on the IBCs from western countries while ignoring HK's branch campus on the Mainland. 
Purpose: This paper aims to compare two university branch campuses, such as UIC from Hong Kong located in the GBA and UNNC from British located in Zhejiang Province. In terms of the role of governments and organizations in the three different higher education systems (China, HK SAR, British), their motivation, and future challenges will be elaborated. The paper will also assess these branch campuses' internal and external quality assurance on cross-border higher education.
Methodology: Therefore, this paper will adopt qualitative documents analysis and interview approaches to compare HK and International branch campuses in China; examine the motivations of this cooperative mode by all levels of government and university branch campuses, internal quality assurance of branch campuses, and their Challenges on cross-border higher education.
Expected findings: This study is expected to clearly demonstrate the motivations, challenges, and quality assurance for developing these two kinds of branch campuses. It is assumed that due to the difference between the two systems or the challenges they face. The existing conceptual framework of cross-border higher education cannot fully interpret this context, so that it might provide the new explanations and insights to the extant conceptual framework.
Originality/Value: The original research of cross-border higher education in a specific context, the comparative study between HK’s branch campus and western branch campus in mainland China can be implicated to the other Asian contexts a great contribution to Aisa or even the world.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 14 Jun 2023
EventThe 9th HERA Conference - Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan
Duration: 13 Jun 202314 Jun 2023


ConferenceThe 9th HERA Conference
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