Conversation with Alessandra Tanesini

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Alessandra Tanesini is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cardiff. Her research lies at the intersection between epistemology, ethics, and philosophy of language. She has written extensively on epistemology, including virtue, social, and feminist epistemology. Her most recent work has focused on understanding virtues, e.g., modesty, as well as vices, e.g., arrogance. Tanesini is the author of two books: An Introduction to Feminist Epistemologies (1999) and Wittgenstein: A Feminist Interpretation (2004). She is also a Co-Principal Investigator of the interdisciplinary research project “Changing Attitudes in Public Discourse”, whose main aim is to reduce arrogance in public debate. In this interview, Tanesini talks about epistemic humility, its nature, whether and how we can become more epistemically humble, as well as why the development of virtues like modesty and self-acceptance can be beneficial to the public discourse. She also talks about her role as an active member of SWIP UK, and her recent participation to the opening conference of the newly formed SWIP Italia. Her new book The Mismeasure of the Self: A Study in Vice Epistemology will be published in 2021 with Oxford University Press.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 2020
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