CREW Wheelchair Control System

Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative

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CREW is a power-assisted wheelchair control system designed for caregivers. It aims to bring the benefits of powered wheelchairs to those who can’t control them independently.​ 

CREW is designed with the idea that passengers and caregivers are members of one expedition team. Their comfort, safety, and joy are interdependent. Therefore, the control and safety features of CREW are designed to boost the expedition team’s confidence and sense of control, encouraging the team to lead fuller lives and go farther.​ 

The team re-designed the handles of the wheelchairs to be pressure-sensitive so that the caregiver at the back of a wheelchair can push the wheelchair with assisted power using feedbacks from the caregiver’s hands. In this manner, the wheelchair can sense a forward-pushing or backward-dragging force of a caregiver to intelligently decide on its motions whether to move forward or apply breaks without a caregiver’s laborious effort to direct the wheelchair, especially in a hill terrace. CREW’s intuitive control and safety features (such as hill hold) allow the expedition team to explore with confidence.
Original languageEnglish
TypeHumanitarian Innovation
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2021


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