Facilitating the writing process in a blended learning environment using google docs

Adrian TING*

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Many Hong Kong undergraduate students have trouble following lectures in English. Academic writing is generally perceived as most challenging due to its complex nature. Yet, owing to various reasons, students do not seem too motivated in making much effort to improve their academic writing skills. In class, students appear to be reluctant to give useful feedback to their peers. They prefer to praise each other on the positive aspects of their writing and avoid talking about the negatives. This chapter first reviews the literature on technology and blended learning in relation to English language teaching in the Hong Kong context. It then reports on the current study of using Google Docs for the peer evaluation process in a blended learning environment. The chapter concludes that based on student feedback, Google Docs is a useful tool in facilitating the delivery of academic English in university settings. The integration of Google Docs provides opportunities for innovative teaching within higher education.

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