Formation pathway of CuInSe2 through solvothermal route

Jian Fei ZHANG, Xiao Li PENG, Wen Bin GUO, Shu ZHANG*, Yong XIANG

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Journal PublicationsJournal Article (refereed)peer-review


CuInSe2 (CIS) is a promising material for thin film solar cell applications. In this work, CIS powders have been synthesized by solvothermal route at different reaction time. X-ray diffraction patterns and Raman spectra of the products reveal that the optimal reaction time is 36 h at 200 °C in order to obtain pure CIS phase. SEM images show an irregular morphology of synthesized CIS material. The formation pathway of CIS has also been studied. Cu-Se compounds are formed at the beginning of the reaction, which act as an important intermediate for the formation of CIS products. This result is not consistent with the reported mechanism.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)593-596
Number of pages4
JournalAdvanced Materials Research
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - Apr 2014
Externally publishedYes
Event2014 2nd International Forum on Mechanical and Material Engineering, IFMME 2014 - Zhuhai, China
Duration: 8 Mar 20149 Mar 2014


  • Formation pathway
  • Solvothermal route
  • CuInSe2


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