Genome assembly of the rare and endangered Grantham’s camellia, Camellia granthamiana

Hong Kong Biodiversity Genomics Consortium, Jerome H.L. HUI*, Ting Fung CHAN, Leo Lai CHAN, Siu Gin CHEUNG, Chi Chiu Cheang, James Kar Hei Fang, Juan Diego GAITAN-ESPITIA, Stanley Chun Kwan LAU, Yik Hei SUNG, Chris Kong Chu WONG, Kevin Yuk Lap YIP, Yingying WEI, Sean Tsz Sum LAW, Wai Lok SO, Wenyan NONG, David Tai Wai LAU, Ho Yin YIP

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Journal PublicationsJournal Article (refereed)peer-review


Grantham’s camellia (Camellia granthamiana Sealy) is a rare and endangered tea species discovered in Hong Kong in 1955 and endemic to southern China. Despite its high conservation value, the genomic resources of C. granthamiana are limited. Here, we present a chromosome-scale draft genome of the tetraploid C. granthamiana (2n = 4x = 60), combining PacBio long-read sequencing and Omni-C data. The assembled genome size is ∼2.4 Gb, with most sequences anchored to 15 pseudochromosomes resembling a monoploid genome. The genome has high contiguity, with a scaffold N50 of 139.7 Mb, and high completeness (97.8% BUSCO score). Our gene model prediction resulted in 68,032 protein-coding genes (BUSCO score of 90.9%). We annotated 1.65 Gb of repeat content (68.48% of the genome). Our Grantham’s camellia genome assembly is a valuable resource for investigating Grantham’s camellia’s biology, ecology, and phylogenomic relationships with other Camellia species, and provides a foundation for further conservation measures.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - May 2024

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