Greater China's Olympic Medal Haul : Beyond Sports Excellence

Marcus P. CHU*

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Scholarly Books | Reports | Literary WorksBook (Author)peer-review


Between 1984 and 2021, elite athletes from the member regions of Greater China – China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong – competed at each of the ten Summer Olympics. By winning 263 gold medals, 199 silver, and 173 bronze, China became a global sports superpower. Taiwan and Hong Kong pocketed 7 gold medals, 10 silver, and 17 bronze and 2 gold medals, 3 silver, and 4 bronze, respectively, displaying their world-leading statuses in archery, badminton, baseball, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, Judo, karate, sailing, Taekwondo, table tennis, and weightlifting. In response, the leaders of the three regions delivered high-profile praise. Their administrations awarded cash, badges, and/or honorary titles to the medalists.

By reviewing journalistic reports, key-players’ memoirs, official documents, and scholarly works, this book aims to understand the significance of the Olympic medal haul to the Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong authorities. Its findings detail the context in which the Olympic medal haul was leveraged for the political change of the three regions and their relations with each other. They also reveal that the praise and rewards bestowed by the respective authorities on the medalists not only celebrated their jurisdictions’ sporting excellence, but served broader strategic goals across domestic politics and international relations.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages230
ISBN (Electronic)9781003373643
ISBN (Print)9781032447315
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 28 Jul 2023

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NameRoutledge Contemporary China Series


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