Hong Kong connections : transnational imagination in action cinema

Meaghan MORRIS (Editor), Siu Leung LI (Editor), Ching Kiu, Stephen CHAN (Editor)

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Since the 1960s, Hong Kong cinema has helped to shape one of the world’s most popular cultural genres: action cinema. Hong Kong action films have proved popular over the decades with audiences worldwide, and they have seized the imaginations of filmmakers working in many different cultural traditions and styles. How do we account for this appeal, which changes as it crosses national borders? Hong Kong Connections brings leading film scholars together to explore the circulation of Hong Kong cinema in Japan, Korea, India, Australia, France, and the United States, as well as its links with Taiwan, Singapore, and the Chinese mainland. In the process, this collection examines diverse cultural contexts for action cinema’s popularity and the problems involved in the transnational study of globally popular forms, suggesting that in order to grasp the history of Hong Kong action cinema’s influence we need to bring out the differences as well as the links that constitute popularity.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDuke University Press; Hong Kong University Press
ISBN (Print)9781932643015
Publication statusPublished - 2005
EventHong Kong Connections: Transnational Imagination in Action Cinema conference - Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Duration: 6 Jan 20039 Jan 2003

Bibliographical note

The essays published in this book were developed from papers given at the Hong Kong Connections: Transnational Imagination in Action Cinema conference organised by the Department of Cultural Studies and the Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, January 6-9, 2003.


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