Hong Kong Non-Governmental Welfare Organizations in Mainland China : Services, Challenges and Opportunities (Final Report): 香港社會福利機構在中國內地之服務、挑戰與機遇

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Although Hong Kong-based non-governmental organisations (NGO) have been active in China's social services since the late 1970s, there is no comprehensive analysis about their services, users, sources of income, and their relationship with China's domestic NGOs and official agencies. This research project aims to fill this gap by mapping the welfare activities of Hong Kong NGOs in China, with particular reference to examine what support from the Chinese and Hong Kong government can further develop their services, address the needs of Hong Kong families who stay long-term in mainland China and also create job opportunities for Hong Kong welfare workers.

Making reference to the social welfare management experiences in Hong Kong, the Chinese government has made serious attempts to transform the welfare functions of local governments by urging them to contract out social services to NGOs. This new welfare approach has encouraged Hong Kong NGOs to establish and expand their services in the mainland. In order to make this policy change, the central government has relaxed NGOs' registration procedures by allowing international NGOs to register with local civil affairs bureaus and offered special grants to registered NGOs for their development. Obviously, these policy changes have provided Hong Kong welfare workers and NGO's with good opportunities to extend and further develop their services in mainland China. The present study sets out against the policy background outlined above to examine the major challenges confronting NGOs based in Hong Kong when attempting to develop their services in mainland China, exploring what are the major aspects and policy measures needed to facilitating these NGOs to further extend services in China.

This study used both qualitative and quantitative research methods, including a postal questionnaire survey of NGO, Government Officials Survey, and in-depth-interviews. This project has several contributions: (a) the first study that gives a comprehensive picture on Hong Kong-based NGOs activities in China; (b) inform policy makers in mainland China and Hong Kong on what types of support can further enhance the services of Hong Kong NGO branching out in mainland China; (c) inform the Hong Kong government and NGOs about the needs of Hong Kong residents in mainland China and what types of services needed to be provided for them; and (d) inform Hong Kong social work training institutions about the training needs of social workers so that their graduates can be better equipped to engage in mainland China's social services.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherLingnan University
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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