Identification manual for traded turtles in China

Hai Tao SHI (Editor), Mian HOU (Editor), Peter PRITCHARD (Editor), Michael LAU (Editor), Ji-Chao WANG (Editor), Yu-Xiang LIU (Editor), Frederick YEH (Editor), Jian-Jun PENG (Editor), Zhi-Yong FAN (Editor), Feng YIN (Editor), Tien-Hsi CHEN (Editor), Peter Paul VAN DIJK (Editor), James PARHAM (Editor), Jonathan Julio FONG (Editor)

    Research output: Scholarly Books | Reports | Literary WorksBook (Editor)Education


    This turtle identification guide is based on several years of market investigations and literature search, finally settling on THE 126 species and subspecies that are most commonly traded in China. The most unique feature of this book is that only typical and consistent body color and external features are used, and the characteristics in the identification keys are illustrated with color photographs. In order to facilitate the use of this book by law enforcement officials, the distinguishing features are described in detail for every species and subspecies. This allows easy and quick identification by law enforcement officials who are not turtle experts, cross-checking to learn and confirm the identification of the turtle species in question.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherEncyclopedia of China Publishing House
    ISBN (Print)9787500079378
    Publication statusPublished - 2008


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