Is arts policy a cultural policy in Hong Kong? 香港的藝術政策是文化政策嗎? : 對《藝術政策檢討報告書》的初步回應

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Though it has provided an opportunity for the community to discuss in public a long-neglected issue affecting the overall quality of life in Hong Kong, the "Arts Policy Review Report" released recently by the Governments is, needless to say, disappointing in almost all the areas it deals with. Even in its vague though relatively aggressive move to propose the creation of an Arts Council, the Recreation and Culture Branch and the Council for Performing Arts (CFPA), its only advisory body whose members are so far all appointed, fall short of posing the most fundamental, if demanding, question for the community they serve: How is the culture of Hong Kong at stake, here and now, amid this call for review of policy matters that cover the performing, visual and literary arts (as is now proposed)? 儘管文康廣播科最近發表的《藝術政策檢討報告》提供了機會,讓市民討論久被忽略、卻又對人民生活質素影響至深的藝術政策問題,但報告涉及的幾乎所有內容都使人大為失望。 報告提到設立藝術局的倡議,雖然語焉不詳,卻也具有相當的進取精神。然而,作為文康科顧問團的演藝發展局諸君 (全委任班),並未能更為進取地為社會大眾把問題的根本提出:在當下這歷史的轉捩時刻,在民間政策檢討聲日益強大的情形下,香港的文化將如何自處?
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationIn search of cultural policy '93. = 尋找文化政策九三
PublisherZuni Icosahedron, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Number of pages6
ISBN (Print)9789628158201
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1994
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