Learning about Education for Sustainability in the Metaverse : A Hong Kong and Malaysia International Collaboration

Paulina Pui Yun WONG (Presenter), Helen Hongyan GENG (Presenter), Umawathy TECHANAMURTHY (Presenter), Daniel SHEN (Presenter)

Research output: Other Conference ContributionsPresentation


The goal of this research is to examine and execute a metaverse application to collaborate on sustainability for educational modules between Science Unit, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, and the Department of Polytechnic and College, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. The complex nature of issues related to sustainable development requires complicated reasoning and community-based strategies. Although metaverse-based story and scenario-based learning may be appropriate for education for sustainability, there is limited evidence of their adoption. This is especially crucial when cross-border partnerships could improve student problem-solving through scene-sharing. Therefore, focus groups were held with participants in Malaysia and Hong Kong to determine how metaverse scenarios may be created for themes including eutrophication, waste management, and climate change. Images, text, and videos were employed to impart knowledge using non-player characters to allow human-robot interactions. Then, students would select numerous choices in order to score points. In a trial project in Hong Kong, students said that interacting with the realistic, game-like environment enhanced their desire and interest. Due to their ability to navigate through the scene at their own pace, students also indicated that they felt at ease. The study offered proof of active and experiential learning. Students from Malaysia and Hong Kong can also engage with each other in the metaverse, enabling cross-border partnerships in education for sustainability. Additional correlational analysis implementations are being worked on to see if students learn more as they complete more tasks.


ConferenceConference for Higher Education Research (CHER) – Hong Kong 2022
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