Live Happier with Aristotle : Inspiration and Workbook

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In this book, philosophy professor, founder and editor of the Daily Philosophy web magazine, Dr Andreas Matthias takes us all the way back to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle in the search for wisdom and guidance on how we can live better, happier and more satisfying lives today.

As opposed to thousands of shallow self-help books, Dr Matthias utilises his decades-long experience in teaching philosophy to young students to really go back to the actual thoughts of the ancient thinkers and to make them come alive for our own world.

The discussion of Aristotle in this book, of virtues and wisdom, of the relationship of ethics and happiness always stays focused on providing value and calm guidance in today’s times of confusion and anxiety.

This book is part of a series on six classic theories of happiness: Aristotle, Epicurus, Erich Fromm and Social Psychoanalysis, the Hermit Life and Stoicism. Each book provides a unique, deep and refreshing insight into the best thoughts that millennia of philosophical wisdom have to give us.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages152
ISBN (Electronic)9798201656843
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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NameDaily Philosophy Guides to Happiness


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